We Create The Most Unique Connection Between You, Your Guests and Your City

A Phone To Go - Customized, Personalized, Complete

Your guests are provided with a mobile device that comes with unlimited connectivity and an uninterrupted connection to your staff. Gone are the days of inconvenience and unpleasant travel experiences. Say hello to a new era of sophistication.

Take Your Guest Satisfaction
To New Heights

We help you amplify the interaction between your staff and your guests. Various channels enable you to generate more revenue from each guest, while our chat functionality, our taxi cards and other functions boost your guests' overall satisfaction with their stay - at and away from your property.

Radar - A Whole New Take On The Traditional City Guide

What's Happening Today? We update your guests daily so that they can explore the city like they have never been able to before. Our team of locally-based reporters cover the city's most exclusive happenings and publish these daily. You'll never find this in a traditional city guide.

A Fully Integrated Hotel Marketing Platform With Live Analytics

With strong guest engagement via Portier, promoting on-site facilities and services has never been so easy, as well as lucrative. At the push of a button, you can share offers via direct messages or by publishing to guest calendars and more. Your team will have access to real-time data analytics so that you can send the right offer at the right time to the right customer segment.

  • Mobile App
  • Revenue Generator
  • City Guide
  • 4G Data Connection
  • Mobile Coverage
  • Unlimited Phone Calls
  • Inspiring Content
  • Hotel Connect

The Power of the Sum

of the Parts

By considering your guest’s total travel needs, you’ll accomplish your mobile engagement objectives. Portier is one part hotel mobile app, one part mobile magazine, one part 4G data connection and much more. Perhaps our biggest innovation is thinking about what today’s travelers want, and integrating all of these needs into one simple solution that helps both travelers and our hotel partners succeed.

About Us

At Portier Technologies, we all come to work every day because we strive to create products that enable hotels to make the best of a guest's stay, while empowering guests to explore the city like never before.

Our mission is to bring the hotel and the guests closer to one another and to take the travel experience to a new height of convenience. As a group of experienced hospitality experts and enthusiasts that strongly believe in technology's ability to enhance the guest experience at hotels, we can take your offering to the future of international luxury travel.

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